Artillery fire, sporadic gunshots in Kano

Artillery fire, sporadic gunshots in Kano 1
Sorry am very sick, thats why am not blogging as i used to. Pray for me to get well soon as to bring you the  *freshest* gist. Meanwhile Heavy artillery fire and sporadic gunshots around Naibawa and
Darmunawa areas of Kano over the last couple of hours have forced
residents to remain indoors. Witnesses say the first shot was heard around 3.25am Friday, and had
since then gained intensity in the affected areas. It was learnt 
that  parents  who were initially unaware of the situation in the area
have besieged several schools to pick up their children.

The Kona Masalchi area where two students of the Federal Government
College, Kano were killed on Monday have been cordoned off, while
motorists on the Kano-Zaria federal highway are been diverted. Banks, public and private businesses are hurriedly closing shops as
Military apache helicopter were seen hovering the skyline of the
embattled ancient city.

I laughed at the military Apache helicopter part, but my friend living in Kano confirmed it and said the situation is very scary and actually happened in front of his friends house, who was lucky to be out of town.


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