A Married Woman’s Confession: I Thought I Was Deceiving My Husband

A Married Woman's Confession: I Thought I Was Deceiving My Husband 1

“Hi readers, I just want to share my true life story with you so that
you can learn from it. We are human beings, we make mistakes every day
but it left for you to learn from your mistakes.

“My name is ‘anonymous’ I wont mention where I come from for security
reasons. I met this guy in 2001 when I was writing WAEC, his name is
GuyA. We fell in love.

“He was everything a woman would ask for; he is fair, handsome,
intelligent and God fearing, he loved me so much, he shared the little
he had with me, he was willing to do anything I ask for though he didn’t
have much because he was still in second year at university of Nigeria,
Enugu campus.

“He did everything possible for me to gain admission into the
university. I eventually gained admission in 2003 at Enugu State
University of Science and Technology and graduated in 2007.


“I don’t know what came over me. I had a fling with this guy named GuyB.
Though I never loved him, but I became pregnant for him. I didn’t know
what to do, but terminating the pregnancy was not an option. I didn’t
want to lose GuyA. It was as if my world has crumbled.

“I didn’t tell anybody not even my best friend because I never could
tell what would happen if I did. I made a smart move by telling GuyA
that I was pregnant for him.

“Of course, he believed me because he trusted me so much but I betrayed
his love for me. He came to see my people, though my parents are dead.

“I eventually put to bed; a baby girl. This was in 2008. Do you know
what my baby was exactly the carbon copy of GuyB; the guy I had a fling

“I was not surprise because I knew the pregnancy wasn’t GuyA’s but I
thought the baby would’ve resembled me. Of course, I was wrong. GuyA
accepted us even when he knew the baby does not look like him or me.

“Ever since, I have been dying in silence. My conscience kept killing
me. At a point, I hated my own child seeing a picture of another man in
her. My husband, GuyA loved her so much more than anything.

“In 2010, I had another baby boy for my husband. My joy knew no bounds. I was really happy, my husband was happy as well.

“In 2012, I had another baby boy for my husband, GuyA. Even at that, he
loved my daughter more than her two biological sons. At a point, I
became jealous but what can I do. I just couldn’t bear it any more so I
decided to give my life to Christ and beg God for forgiveness which I
know he has done.

“This I did because I couldn’t continue to die in silence. It was now
for me to confess to my husband but how would I achieve that without
breaking my home? I didn’t want to loose my home, I loved my husband and
my kids.

“He is a wonderful man but I betrayed him. I prayed and asked God to
give me the strength to confess to him… On the set day, I first called
him on phone to ask him if he would ever forgive me. He asked what I
meant by that. He asked if I was alright and I said yes. He hanged up on
me. I cried like a baby.

“When he came back from work that same day, I served him his dinner.
After that, I went with him in the room and told him to forgive me that
he should not punish our daughter for what she does not know about but
punish me.

He Already Knew That He Is Not The Father Of Our Daughter:
“He asked again what I meant by that. I narrated everything that
transpired between GuyB and I. To my greatest surprise, he dropped a
bombshell. He said he knew all these years that he was not the
biological father of our 4-year old daughter.

“I asked him if he knew about it and didn’t bother to ask me? He said
that he knew that someday I was going to tell him but he never knew it
would come this soon.

“It was as if the ground should open and swallow me. I was so ashamed of
my self that I bowed my face in tears but he cuddled me and said he’d
forgiven me long ago. He said that we pray every day OUR FATHER FORGIVE
forgive me?

“He said no one is perfect and that we make mistakes in life. He said
that I was a nice person and that we have been through a lot in life.
So, he cannot abandon me now that i needed him most. He told me that he
could possibly throw me out so that people will laugh at me but he has
always loved me.

“As for my daughter, as far as he is concerned, she is his daughter.
He’s has always seen her as one and that he will always love us. These
were his words.

“I was short of words, all I could do was to cry and thank him and thank
God for the kind of man he has given me because I know that no man
would take that from any woman no matter what except by the special
grace of God.

“I am now a happy person and I have given my life to Jesus Christ. We
must learn how to confess our sins no matter what so that Satan will be
put to shame and as well learn how to forgive.

“We now live in the UK. I also had my two boys in the UK.”


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  1. Wow!….madam I'm speechless cos you have a good heart to reveal such heinous secret as for guyA lol you are an epitome of good husband…live long lovely couples

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