Naked ‘witches’ Causes Stir, arrested.

Naked 'witches' Causes Stir, arrested. 1

in Mashonaland West on Monday arrested two women and charged them with
allegedly engaging in a practice commonly associated with witchcraft
after they stormed a nearby compound while stark naked. Police spokesperson Inspector Clemence
Mabgweazara identified the suspects as Rosemary Kamanga (48) and Esnath
Maodza (56), both of Shackleton compound about 20km from Chinhoyi.
Police said the informant, Eneresi Mufunga (55), of Shackleton, was
awakened around 4am by strange noises that resembled fighting dogs. When
she went outside to investigate, she found two naked women and quizzed
them on their mission.

Mabgweazara said the pair
allegedly told Mufunga that they had fallen off a winnowing basket
(rusero) on their way from a nearby compound in Alaska. They further
told the woman that they wanted flesh from her. Mufunga raised alarm and
alerted her neighbours who rushed to the scene baying for the duo’s
blood. According to eyewitnesses, the incident ignited a frenzy in the
usually sleepy former mine compound. 
Ironically, the suspects’ husbands were among the crowd and upon
seeing their naked wives, they whisked them to safety before taking them
home where they were later clothed.
A report was made at Murereka Police Post leading to their arrest.
Mabgweazara said when interviewed by police, the women confessed to
practicing withcraft.
“They confessed to be witches and indicated they were coming from
Alaska in a rusero and decided to get some human flesh at the
informant’s house,” Mabgweazara said.
As of yesterday, the suspects were still detained at Chinhoyi
Central Police Station and were expected to appear in court facing
charges of contravening Section 98 of the Criminal Law (Codification and
Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 pertaining to “engaging in practices commonly
associated with witchcraft” or indecent exposure.

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