Husband Catches Wife Having Sex in Car With Boyfriend at their Son’s Funeral

Husband Catches Wife Having Sex in Car With Boyfriend at their Son’s Funeral 1

What we witnessed here in Norton this morning is taboo,” said one of
the mourners. “Imagine a woman who buried her child two days ago is
already having sex with a married man before the relatives depart.

“Kusiya murume wake akarara nehanzvadzi yake iye kwava kunotora
murume wemunhu; zvinonyadzisa,” said one of the mourners. (She left her
husband and her brother who were both asleep in the house and proceeded
to go out and have sex with a married man; it is shameful.)
Nelia buried
her child on Friday and relatives were still gathered at House No.
K1219 Katanga where she sneaked and had a quality time with Jason over

Nelia told her husband Hardlife Manduka (30) that she was going to
collect her mobile phone from a friend before spending the whole night
with Jason. Nelia confirmed that she had been having an affair with
“Yes I was found having sex with Jason this morning,” said Nelia. “We
have been doing this since June in the car and in my house when my
husband occasionally visits Botswana. “I discovered later that Jason was
married and we continued after his wife stumbled upon us twice in my
bedroom as we had sex.”

“Hardlife has not been supporting me and the two kids financially. In
fact my child died due to malnutrition. If he fails to forgive me I
will go to South Africa to look for a job because all my relatives are
against me after this,” said Nelia.

Jason fled the house leaving his car. Jason’s wife Melissa Shoko (27)
said that she discovered the affair after Jason left Nelia’s mobile
phone in his pocket. “He lied to me that he was arrested for public
drinking last night
and I quickly suspected that he was with Nelia,” said Melissa. “I found
him twice on Nelia’s bed. I knew that he was lying to me
this time around. At one time I called his sister named Charity and we
found them naked in Nelia’s bedroom some time in June when my child was
just three-months-old.”

Hardlife said that he was lucky to discover this while Nelia’s
parents were there and he will leave everything to them to decide the
way forward. 

Hardlife felt pained as he was still mourning his one-year-old child
who passed away last week. “I am still mourning my child and this pains
me very much,” said Hardlife. “I did not look for her after she told me
that she was going to collect her phone from a friend. Little did I know
that it was a boyfriend she was with before I was called by my friends
at around 6am to find them busy in that dirty old car!”

“I am lucky that her relatives are here including her brother who
disciplined her with a whip. They will talk to me and help me find a way
forward. As of me; I love my wife and I did not expect this from her,”
said Hardlife.

“Ndabatwa sha chihure chaicho handichazvipamhidza zvakare,” said
Jason. “It is my third time being found having sex with that woman and I
feel ashamed of that now. As we speak my wife is very cross about it
and I love my wife I will never bonk that woman again, it is over.”

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