Home flight simulator owned by Flight MH370 Pilot WAS used to plot ‘suicide route’ over Indian Ocean

Flight MH370 vanished during a flight to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur back in 2014 and it’s been confirmed the Pilot Zaharie Shah practised crashing into the Indian Ocean on a simulator.

Australian officials have confirmed data recovered from a home flight simulator owned by the Flight MH370 pilot shows ‘someone’ used it to plot a course to the southern Indian Ocean weeks before the plane vanished.

Reports of the discovery, that appears to indicate the captain practised crashing the plane, emerged in confidential police documents last week.

But while Australian authorities have now confirmed the data, they insist it doesn’t prove that captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah deliberately crashed the plane but the simulated route was similar to the one the plane took before vanishing

Officials admit that the likelihood of recovering the doomed plane is fading.

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