Ghana Denies Nigerians Entry Over Fake Yellow Fever Card

 Ghana Denies Nigerians Entry Over Fake Yellow Fever Card 1Ghana Denies Nigerians Entry Over Fake Yellow Fever Card 2


A diplomatic row may soon arise between Nigeria and Ghana as the country
is said to be denying Nigerians entry over alleged fake yellow fever
cards. Some Nigerian travellers to Accra told The Guardian that they were
recently subjected to inhuman treatment at the Kotoka International
Airport, Accra, over yellow fever vaccination….


The Guardian learnt that all the yellow fever cards from Nigeria were
presumed fake and international passports of such Nigerians seized and
the Ghanaian immigration officials insisting that the affected persons
get Ghana’s yellow fever cards at the cost of N2,000 before their
documents could be released to them.

According to one of the affected Nigerians, “on June 29, 2012, there
were two last flights by Aero and Arik that landed almost simultaneously
at about 6.10 p.m. Nigerian time. Immediately, the health officials
mounted an unconventional roadblock on the way to the immigration
points. Every vaccination card issued in Nigeria was presumed fake. We
were all asked to move to a side after all our international passports
have been seized.

“New vaccination cards were issued to us after injecting us with the
vaccine and a fee of N2, 000 charged for that which was paid in Nigerian
currency. Charging for this in naira is curious. A pregnant woman was
issued only with a card when she told them she is pregnant but after
parting with N2, 000,” he added.

He said attention was not paid to new international arrivals consisting
of whites and blacks on board, stressing that on inquiry, “the health
officials claimed ignorance of such arrivals, disclosing that they were
only after Nigerians.

“We were held for hours that day. To confirm extortion of money from
Nigerians, why should they collect money from a pregnant woman who was
not jabbed an injection? Why should we be paying in Naira and why should
every yellow fever card issued in Nigeria be presumed fake? Do the
health officials of foreign countries have the powers to seize the
passports of travellers/visitors to their countries? he queried.

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