War Of Words On Twitter Between Linda Ikeji And A Bitter Man

Oh no… a
lot of peeps weren’t so happy yesterday on twitter. Blogger Linda Ikeji wrote about how the guy who lost his sister 9 family members went ahead to marry his girlfriend, and if he was right to do so.

Apparently, someone from the family didn’t like such and cursed the living daylight out of Linda.  But then, if someone
made a mistake and apologises, learn
to forgive. May the souls of the dead people involved in this, rest in
peace. Hassan Saadu, biko no vex. His curses and that of Linda Ikeji’s
when you continue…

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  1. while i agree the curses where too many it serves linda right….amebo, just in the name of popularity and getting plenty visits…..what will it cost you to just investigate before posting a comment? and if you were not present or sure of your facts why not say so let the people judge, instead you come out with post and idiotic followres wil just be opening their nonsense mouth to talk rubbish……if the curse follow you dat na your headache, next ti me you go consult your brain when you dey update your blog…..

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