I Enjoyed It, 11-Year Old Rape Victim Confesses

I Enjoyed It, 11-Year Old Rape Victim Confesses 1

An 11-year old girl who was a victim of sexual abuse (name withheld) stunned the police in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, when she confessed that she enjoyed having sex with their neighbour, Adams Oliyide, who allegedly defiled her on many occasions.

The victim told the police that she did not tell anyone including her parents because she enjoyed having sex with the suspect.
The victim, who opened up to the police, when she was asked  why she did not report the sexual assault to her parents, said whenever Oliyide invited her to his one room apartment, she always sneaked in and allowed him to have sex with her because she enjoyed it. The incident happened in Iyana Ipaja Lagos State Southwest Nigeria…..what does an 11 year old girl know biko? Continue reading….

P.M.NEWS gathered that the suspect from Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria, used to sneak back home from work in the afternoon when the parents of the victim had gone to work to have carnal knowledge of the victim.
It was alleged that after having sex with her, he would give her money to buy food, sweets or biscuits and warned her not to tell anybody.
I Enjoyed It, 11-Year Old Rape Victim Confesses 2

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This went on for months until they were caught by their neighbour who raised  an alarm and contacted the victim’s parents.

When the suspect was arrested, he was taken to Oke Odo Police Division, where he allegedly confessed that he had sex with the girl on many occasions.
The victim also confessed to the police that the 20-year old suspect had sex with her on many occasions but did not to tell  her parents because she loved him.
But the police insisted that Oliyide committed rape because the victim was an under age.
He was therefore charged with rape at Ikeja Magistrate’s Court sitting in Abule Egba under Section 137 Of the Criminal Code Law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.
The suspect pleaded not guilty to the charge and the presiding magistrate, Mr. A.O. Komolafe, granted him bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum.
The court  also ordered that one of the sureties must be a blood relation and the sureties must show evidence of payment of taxes.
The matter has been adjourned till 3 September, 2012.

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