IG of Police Orders 24-Hour Security at Worship Centres This Sallah

Mohammed Abubakar, the Inspector-General of the Nigeria Police has ordered allAssistant Inspector-Generals (AIGs) and Commands’ Commissioners of police (Cps) to make water-tight security a priority at all worship centres, government establishments, valuable targets and facilities in the country during and after the Sallah celebration.
Frank Mba the chief superintendent of police and the force’s spokesperson said officers and men are to be deployed to ensure that the highways are effectively covered with motorised patrol teams, while the CPs should personally ensure that all places of worship, recreation centres, resorts and other public places are adequately protected…

The IG warned officers who will be deployed during the celebration period to be sure to comport themselves within the confines of the law, as he said they must be firm but “polite, civil and professional in the discharge of their assigned roles”. He also warned all miscreants and those up to no good to keep away from disturbing the public peace, as he said the force would stop at nothing to bring them to book.
He enjoined Nigerians to be their brother’s keepers by ensuring that information on all suspected criminal activities and plans are promptly reported to the police or other sister security agencies.
He says: “The public is reminded of their very vital role of collaborating with the police in the fight against crimes and criminality, as this has really been the cornerstone of police successes in recent times”.
IG Abubakar assured the general public, especially worshipers, travellers, and all well-meaning Nigerians that the police in the discharge of its constitutional responsibility, will continue to do everything within its capacity to provide adequate security for everyone across the nation.

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