Fuel Tanker Explodes Near Abuja, Destroys 29 Houses

Fuel Tanker Explodes Near Abuja 
A fuel tanker yesterday
exploded in Maje town, on the outskirts of Abuja, killing two people
and destroying 29 buildings, a statement by NEMA spokesperson, Yushau Shuaibu,
said the tanker fell and then exploded, killing the two victims and
injuring many others.  29 buildings were destroyed of which 2  were residential
apartments and 27 shops.
Mr. Shuaibu did not disclose how many people were injured in the incident. He only said the injured had been taken to hospital. Continue to see pictures from the scene of the accident.

                         Fuel Tanker Explodes Near Abuja


                           Fuel Tanker Explodes Near Abuja

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