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Commercial Bus Driver Kills Girl During Gani Fawehinmi’s Rally in Lagos



Commercial Bus Driver Kills Girl During Gani Fawehinmi's Rally in Lagos 3 
struck during the Gani Fawehinmi rally in Lagos when a commercial bus
driver on Saturday killed an albino girl riding on the back of a bike
along Kudirat Abiola way the Ikeja/Oregun/Ojota axis of Lagos and
injuring two others while attempting to escape.
The tragedy
occurred around 12.35pm as a yellow commuter bus was driving against the
one-way traffic along Kudirat Abiola way, just opposite the lane to
activists on a march to commemorate the death of prominent civil rights
lawyer, Gani Fawehinmi.
activists had begun their march from under the popular bridge along
Obafemi Awolowo way in Ikeja with five police vans watching them
The train
was going smoothly before the bus suddenly ran into some motorbikes and
pedestrians on Kudirat Abiola way near the Olusosun garbage dump. The
albino woman was killed in the accident.
The strong
collision threw the woman against the culvert, instantly breaking her
right leg and causing a crack on her skull, she died some thirty minutes
later according to the police.
activists ended the procession to engage in a furious chase to catch up
with the hit-and-run driver riding on the back of several bikes at Ojota
the road seemed closed to traffic but the commercial driver in his
haste to escape hit two other persons made an u-turn towards Alausa
where he was finally rounded up by the activists.
The killer driver has been arrested and detained at the Alausa Police Station.
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