Read President Goodluck Jonathan’s Message To Nigerians On Facebook

Read President Goodluck Jonathan's Message To Nigerians On Facebook 1
After A Black and Bloody Weekend In Nigeria – This Is Our President’s First Statement On Social Media. 
Talk Of Priority…find it when you continue!

Read President Goodluck Jonathan's Message To Nigerians On Facebook 2

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Three weeks ago, we celebrated our centenary as a nation and took stock of what we have achieved in the last hundred years. As we journey into this new century of nationhood, it is necessary that we come together to deliberate on how we can build on the gains of the last century and foster greater understanding amongst the various people of Nigeria so that we can achieve more in the centuries ahead.
This is Nigeria’s time. This is our century. All Nigerians must stand behind our flag and place Nigeria first in all we do.
I want to urge all delegates to focus on our togetherness even as we put in our very best to build a cohesive union in the interest of the communities and institutions that we have come to the conference to represent.
I pray for fruitful deliberations and may God bless the conference and Nigeria. GEJ

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