Is This Really Senate President David Mark’s House In Benue State?

Is This Really Senate President David Mark's House In Benue State? 1
Former National President of Nigerian Union of Journalists, Comrade Lanre Ogundipe shared the picture above on his facebook page, with the following words;

Authority stealing….. 

Friends, see the Senate President’s house in his country home. No wonder they don’t know how bad the roads are!!! FELA sang in Authority Stealing…instead of motorcycle dem dey fly helicopter…Hmnnnn… indeed FELA was a prophet!!! 

Kanyi’s Opinion: – You see why we can never get better. When our Politicians all have helipads on their buildings..Fly in, drive around in a Rolls Royce and other expensive rides and fly back out, how will they know what the masses like us suffer on these pot hole ridden roads?
We live in a country where our leaders treat us like animals, Boko Haram kill hundreds daily, no PHCN light, and no jobs. Over the weekend about 40 youths died when over 500,000 thousand Nigerian youths gathered at various stadiums to write Immigration exam which over 2million youths paid N1000 each to acquire the form. Thats about N2Billion…yet no government official has officially addressed Nigerians on the issue. Why does our government treat us like slaves?


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  1. I am still recounting my ordeal in the hands of immigration officers; i was given serious whipping alongside with my friends. We were humilited just because we were in dire need of secured federal job. Up till now, my body is still aching me; serious massaging is still going on all over my body. I am aware that hard time, do not last forever; my day of breakthrough is sure to come

    • Thank God as urs was whip,cos some are six feet down all on same intervw.u c why i'm campaigning youth empowerment and self reliance cos our goverment are failure?

  2. As for me,i had my own share of d pain,my feets re swollen,after treckin frm unizik pri sch to d multi purpose hall for d exam,i also trecked from unizik sch gate ifite to aroma junction after d 5pm exam. It is well.

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