Lebanese Kidnapped Last Night In Lagos

Lebanese Kidnapped Last Night In Lagos 1 
 Ahmed Mohammed a 23-year old Lebanese was reportedly kidnapped last night by unidentified gunmen, at Ikeja, Lagos. He was said to have been kidnapped in front of Tawouq King
restaurant, a Lebanese restaurant located at 35 Adeniyi Jones Avenue,
Ikeja at about 10pm….continue reading

The owner of the restaurant, Mohammed Wahab, an older relative of Ahmed,
who confirmed the kidnap to P.M.NEWS, says, in near tears.

“I was not around at the time of the kidnap but my other workers who
were around informed me that Ahmed was forced into an ash coloured
Toyota car by six unidentified men with guns.

“I was told that four of the gunmen jumped down from the car while two
remained in the car and ordered him into their car and sped off.

“As I speak with you, I have not heard a word from the kidnappers, not
even a phone call for us to have an idea of what exactly is wrong.

“I don’t look for trouble and I don’t know who we have offended to have this calamity befall us.

“Even when I travelled to Lebanon, Ahmed who had been in Nigeria for
about five years now, ran the restaurant well without troubles,”

According to him, the irony of the situation is that it is a
mistake if he is kidnapped for money because they are in huge debts and
are barely managing to stay afloat.

“My overheads alone are drowning this restaurant. I owe millions on my rent and even some private people that loaned me money.

“I don’t even have a car anymore. The car am using was loaned to me by
my Nigerian manager. If the kidnap is targeted at my restaurant, they
can have it for all I care though I keep wishing am the one that was

“Ahmed is just 23 and a relative. I am responsible for him. I sincerely wish am the one they took,” he added.

He, however, said that the matter has been reported at Man Centre Police station for investigation.

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