Society Lady, Bola Shagaya In Trouble Over Patience Jonathan Illness, Accused Of Initiating Trip That Landed First Lady In German Hospital

Bola Shagaya with Patience Jonathan
lady and influential Nigerian riding on the waves of closeness to the
first family- Hajia Bola Shagaya, is having a hard time protecting her
power base at present.  Sources
confirmed the wealthy woman is battling accusation of complicity in the
trip that earned first lady, Patience Jonathan admission in a German
hospital. The accusers claimed Shagaya initiated the idea of the foreign trip.
The idea behind the sojourn was reportedly for the first lady to ‘undergo treatments to enhance her look’ Informants claim- Shagaya had cashed in on Patience Jonathan’s yearning for ‘a better look’ to sell the plan. The
first lady reportedly bought the idea- and tagged those that opposed
the move ‘enemies seeking to paint her black’….continue reading

widely tagged the ‘unofficial style consultant’ to the first lady is
generally credited with ‘the little sophistication the latter has
garnered since she came to power’
glimpse into the transformation Shagaya has effected on Patience is
provided in this beautiful crafted piece in her honour ‘INSIDE PATIENCE
However unlike past moves- the latest appeared to have landed her in trouble waters.
first lady reportedly suffered an infection that necessitated
comprehensive medical attention during preliminary tests to usher in the
‘beauty treatment proper’
This was in Dubai- where the original development was that they would do a bit of ‘shopping’ and relaxation.
of the ‘health care personnel’ on ground to manage the ‘infection’ put
paid to their plot- and ultimately forced the First Lady into the German
hospital she is currently recuperating at.
sources had put out reasons of food poisoning and even outright lie of a
vacation by presidential spokesperson- Mr Reuben Abatti to cover up
‘true story’.
However behind the scene of these attempted  public
deceit- players in the corridors of powers are said to be daggers
drawn, looking for a scape goat to sacrifice for ‘the whole mess’ a
source divulged.
And they appear to be honing in on one –  Hajia Bola Shagaya.
of her involvement in the ill fated beauty surgery that cost late first
lady Stella Obasanjo her life has started making the rounds- along with
coloration of other past misadventures.
the billionaire business woman with a penchant for warming her way into
the hearts of first families, intends to overcome this onslaught
remains to be seen.

Details of the story and allegations doing her in, is captured in this report on’  EXPOSED! HOW BOLA SHAGAYA FORCES PATIENCE GOODLUCK INTO COSMETIC SURGERY‘ Read it below… I had to copy and paste here.

 .. “We have warned the FirstLady to be weary of her”…Friends & Family cry out Just
like the way Hajia Bola Shagaya and Senator Daisy Danjuma advised the
late Stella Obasanjo to go for tummy tuck many years ago, Hajia Bola who
is fondly called ‘AGIP’ {All Government In Power}, we gathered was the
one who advised Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan to go for Cosmetic

According to the source, “The First Lady came down with food
poisoning in Dubai where she had gone on a secret mission to explore
undergoing some procedure”. “The nature of the procedure remains a
mystery, but a source at the Presidency said he knew that Mrs. Jonathan
close friend, Bola Shagaya, had been persuading her to see a
Lebanon-based cosmetic surgeon”. The source added that the First Lady
was interested in enhancing her looks.

 Also, a source in Abuja said
she suspected that Mrs. Jonathan might have undergone a procedure in
Dubai from which she got an infection. Some of the First Lady’s friends
confided in us that they have warned her to be very careful with Hajia
Bola Shagaya because of her past records of betraying her friends.
Nigeria today, one woman whose image looms large within the society is
Hajia Bola Shagaya, the popular businesswoman and billionaire. This is
because she is regarded as the most powerful woman within the corridors
of power. Hajia Bola earns this title because she is regarded as the
closest person to the wife of the President, Dame Patience Jonathan.
Although, the two women have been close for many years, there is so much
fear that their friendship may not stand the test of time. And this has
given rise to the speculations flying around that Patience may be
forced to dumb Hajia Bola before she is led astray. Moreover, some
concerned family friends of the President are working on getting
Jonathan to warn his wife to steer clear of Hajia Shagaya be severing
her relationship with her. The concern is borne out of the fear that
Hajia Shagaya lacks any sense of loyalty when it comes to the issue of

And this group of family friends cited manyinstances to
buttress their argument.
According to the story going around, Hajia
Shagaya is in the habit of romancing any government that rules at
anytime. She patronises people within the corridor of power and solicits
for contracts and other patronages. This habits dates back to the late
80’s, during the time former President Ibrahim Babangida presided over
the affairs of the country. It was gathered that Bola Shagaya enjoyed a
very close friendship with the Babangida family. She was so close to the
family that she had unhindered access to them, especially to late Hajia
Maryam. Not only that, Hajia Bola also engaged in several business
deals, on behalf of the family. Her son, Sherrif and Aminu Babangida who
were once best of friends ran a joint oil servicing company in Abuja.
But the moment Maryam took ill, Bola Shagaya drifted away from the
family. Some sources claimed that the Babangida children had accused the
Ilorin born lady of spreading the news of their mother’s illness and

incidents that were happening in the family during that period. The
Babangida children were so angry with Bola Shagaya that they stayed away
from her 50th birthday. However, their father, who was in Abuja for a
social function attended the event and stayed for just 30 minutes.

after Maryam died in December 2009, Hajia Shagaya practically moved
into the Babangida family home in Minna and mourned with the family for
the first few days. But hardly had the 40 days mourning period ended
than she began to attend parties again. The strain in the relationship
between Hajia Bola and the Babangida became more noticeable when her
first son, Sherrif got married last year. But for Aminu and Halima, who
were in the couple’s train, other members of the Babangida family stayed
away from the wedding. One of the worst hit of Hajia Shagaya’s act of
betrayal to the Babangida family is Aishat Shinkafi, the first child of
IBB and Maryam. She is still dazed by the fact that Hajia Shagaya could
turn around and treat her family with disdain, considering the huge
resources her parents invested into her life.

Aside from the
Babangidas, the family of the late Stella Obasanjo is reported to be
holding grudge against Bola Shagaya. It was gathered that the
businesswoman was very close to Stella and acted as fronts for her in
most of their business dealings. Moreover, Shagaya was always in Stella
Obasanjo’s entourage and she junketed the globe with her, helping her to
buy expensive diamonds in Italy, Dubai and Lebanon. It was gathered
that when some forces within Obasanjo moved to curtail the friendship
between Stella and Shagaya, the late first lady stood firmly against
such move. But the moment she died, Hajia Shagaya was reported to have
extended a hand of friendship to Obasanjo. But this was nipped in the
bud by the powerful forces within Aso-Rock.

In 2007, after the late
President Umar Yar’Adua came into power, Hajia Shagaya shifted camp and
became a close friend to his wife, Hajia Turai. It was gathered that she
even hosted a series of parties on her behalf. And she was always quick
to flaunt her closeness with Turai. But Hajia Shagaya was shocked to
discover that Turai was not an easy nut to crack. She became more
irritated when she noticed that the former first lady was not interested
in assisting or entertaining any patronage from anyone. Moreover, the
likes of Toyin Fagbayi, who was the closest person to Turai at that
time, cut off and blocked Hajia Shagaya’s chances of enjoying contract
patronages from Turai.

It didn’t then come as a surprise to most
people when Goodluck Jonathan assumed the position of power, and Hajia
Shagaya emerged as a close ally of his wife. Ever since the tide changed
in favour of the Jonathan, Hajia Shagaya has become a permanent item in
their family. It is gathered that she acts a front for the first lady
and they do many business deals together.

Some sources disclose that
Hajia Shagaya is presently working against the nomination of Deziani
Allison Madueke, the former Minister of Petroleum, as a minister. This
is because Madueke is believed to have frustrated her bids for oil
deals, when she discovered that Hajia Shagaya was going out of her way
to get close to President Jonathan.

Be that as it may, close family
friends of the Jonathan are reported to be getting worried over his
wife’s closeness to Hajia Shagaya because of her past records of
betraying her friends.

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