UPDATE: Patience Jonathan’s Illness Started In Dubai 11 Days Ago

UPDATE: Patience Jonathan's Illness Started In Dubai 11 Days Ago 1 

The “food poisoning” condition that landed Mrs. Patience Jonathan in a hospital in Germany reportedly started in Dubai eleven days ago where
she had gone to see a doctor because her hands were twitching.

Presidency sources said she had gone to Dubai after the recent
African First Ladies Summit in Abuja, an event that imposed an
unfamiliar and grueling schedule of meetings and late nights on Mrs. Jonathan, saying she needed some rest Her visit to Dubai was explained as a vacation but our sources said it involved a medical procedure, while in Dubai, she reportedly had “food poisoning” alongside her medical doctor,  soon after she returned to Abuja last Monday, the emergency broke and she had to be airlifted to Wiesbaden,Germany for food poisoning.


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  1. I rily wish she dosnt survive dz 1…atleast d incessant gramatical saumarsaults,wld b history.#kanyi plz kip me posted…she musnt survive dz!#

  2. @ Anonymous if this blog were to be linda ikeji's blog u would have been lynched but this is Kanyinulia's blog and all her page viewers are too busy reading her posts to actually drop a comment so i guess u r spared hehehehe. But seriously don't wish bad 4 sum1 its not nice @ all. Check out
    Infobizz9ja and say hi.

  3. Anonymous 3 Sept. 2012 12:03, why do you wish the first lady dead. why do you pple use your hands to bring evil upon yourselves.
    Pls watch your tongue/hand before you invoke the wrath of the Almighty. Avoid talking carelessly so you don't regret it when it is already too late.

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