VIDEO: Psquare Say’s They Didn’t Sack MayD

VIDEO: Psquare Say's They Didn't Sack MayD 1
During P-Square’s BBC Interview/Press Conference (Road To Love Afro beats). The duo singers were asked why they dropped May-D from their record label. Watch the video of  their  response when you continue;

Ok!… my question now is who deleted MayD’s youtube account that has got over 10million view. is it Psquare, MayD or Irokings


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  1. I tink Psquare are either too selfish OR jealus of the rising fame of May D or they are just wicked. i mean how can they remove May D from their record label without first telling May D himself? they just went online to say so. That means they have no single respect for May D. Also, why delete his popular youtube account. may be they want to be the only 1 in their record label. i beginning to hate them.

  2. Dis dudes are jus too selfish, I knew dey neva wanted anybody on dere label…..n dts so selfish…..Ў☺ΰ become huge and Ў☺ΰ dnt wana branch out…wish all dis dudes could visit banky for lectures….mtschew…even tuface, na nw em no say em go sign person…..2bad!!!!!JAYFEELZ

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