Woman kills husband over text messages

tyra holmes
Tyra Holmes, 26, a of Florida, stabbed her husband to death after waking him up in the middle of the night to confront him about some text messages he had received.
Tyra found text messages in her husbands phone from several women last Wednesday night, she thought she had proof that he was cheating on her. Trya called one of the numbers but had no response. She then, went upstairs to their bedroom, woke her husband up and they started arguing. During this argument Trya held a kitchen knife in her hands.  At the top of the staircase, he tried to end the argument by hugging her but she retaliated by stabbing him in the chest. ” You stabbed me, I love you,” he said.  Michael Holmes, 35, died in the the hospital.
Michael’s sister said he was not in another relationship with anyone else. ” She took the life of my brother for a senseless reason. He was good to her and his kids,” stated Alexis Jewell
At first Tyra Holmes told the police that she blacked out after raising the knife to threaten him but later admitted to stabbing him and not being able to control herself.


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  1. Eeyah, poor man! She will never forgive herself. Men: piece of advise… women dey craze o, especially at the thought of their man cheating on them, If your wife accuses you, sharply, explain yasef and prove the accusation wrong. No do tough guy go mud for nothing o.

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