OMG: Would You Eat This Cake?

OMG: Would You Eat This Cake? 1
This is by far the creepiest thing i’ve seen. They sure had a killer wedding cake! Texas newlyweds David and Natalie Sideserf decided to take the phrase “Till death do us part” to a whole new level by crafting a custom cake to give the line its due.
The result was a hyper realistic cake depicting both of their heads, severed and bleeding on the floor. Their glazed-over, lifeless eyes stare both into the afterlife and at wedding attendees.
Natalie, who owns Austin bakery Sideserf Cake Studio, crafted the cakes herself. In a Facebook post, she acknowledges the cake design was “very nontraditional” but explains, “Halloween [was] coming, my husband loves horror movies … and I like sculpting humans.”
“It was perfect for us,” she said.

The guests, however, were a bit harder to win over. “I didn’t tell anybody about it, so it made it really interesting to see people’s reactions,” Natalie told ABC News. “Everybody was shocked and loved it.”
“My grandma did look twice, but in the end she said she appreciated the detail and how realistic it was,” she added.
OMG: Would You Eat This Cake? 2

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Here is a picture of the couple in real life
OMG: Would You Eat This Cake? 3


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