Can we just have three days without your family?’ Kim Kardashian reveals Kanye begged for some alone time

At least he's got them! Although his professional life isn't exactly thriving, Kanye is set to marry Kim Kardashian this year, the mother of his daughter North

They’re living with her mother while they wait for work on their palatial Bel Air mansion to be completed.
But Kanye West has had enough of Kim Kardashian’s family and begged her for some alone time with North after enduring a New Year’s holiday with her entire clan.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she showed off her incredible post-baby figure in a cropped top and clinging skirt, Kim explained: ‘We spent New Year’s in a condo with my mother and Kanye said “Can we just have three days to ourselves without your family?” so we went to Paris.

How many times have I read that Kanye never sold his mansion, so my guess is he still lives there and she lives with her Mom. Am sure Kris Jenner will be suffocating him with her presence!

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