Lol, MSNBC Interrupted Congress woman to Announce Justin Bieber’s Arrest.

This is so Pathetic, MSNBC’s  Andrea Mitchell cut an American congresswoman off mid-sentence to make an earth-shattering announcement: The Biebs was on his way to the slammer.

“Congresswoman, let me interrupt you just for a moment, we have some breaking news out of Miami,” Mitchell said, completely straight-faced,

Rep. Jane Harman, Democrat of California, was ardently discussing the NSA’s collecting of phone records, via satellite from Switzerland and was interrupted cos Justin B was arrested for DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol, resisting arrest and driving without a licence.. Read HERE if you missed it!

Dont believe me? Watch the video above!

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  1. it's the producers/directors that should be blamed.remember she operates with a she reacted to her show directors.but still a doesn't show class at all.

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