Read This Girl’s Story of how God turned her ‘mistake’ into a ‘miracle’

Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 1
I love me how this 22 year old girl shared her experience to encourage those who find themselves with unwanted pregnancy! Truth be told, loads of girls will abort the baby either cos of what parents and family will say or what their peers will think of them. Ifeoma is strong, and i duff my heart for her for sharing her story and also including their pictures! Her story below;
“He is the God who makes water to flow in the desert. He turns a fruitful field into a forest. He is the one who brings out water from rocks and for Him, impossible is nothing. I write this in tears!! 
I have been meaning to send this post to you for days now but the responsibility of catering for a newly born weighed me, and I only just got the chance. She was born on thursday last week, Jan 16th 2014. My pride. My joy. My princess. Chikaima Bella Elebe.
When I found out I was pregnant in mid-may 2013, I was broken into pieces. It wasn’t planned. My then boyfriend was going through a rough patch, he had too many  responsibilities. I didn’t think he would stay. We had only been together for four months. 

I thought of all the financial constraints. I thought about my family. I said my parents would kill me. I thought about school. How would people react when they found out that the Vice President of Mass Communication Dept was pregnant, while still un-married?
It wasn’t the life I planned for and at 22, I wasn’t ready for a child. But I knew that abortion wasn’t an option; couldn’t correct one mistake with another mistake. I had two options, either my boyfriend stick it out with me or I go and register for care with an orphanage. Giving birth in my parents house was also not an option.
Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 2

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So I went to visit my boyfriend and told him I was pregnant; three weeks gone. I broke down and wept and wailed. 
He said he would stay. That he wasn’t going nowhere. He said whatever disgrace, shame or sorrow that would come, that we would go through it together. 
We didn’t know the first thing to do, but we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. So I went back to school and prayed and prayed, that God would turn my mistake into a miracle.
Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 3
First trimester was horrible cause of all the physical and emotional changes. After my exams in July, I came back to Lagos and he proposed to me. I told my parents I was three months pregnant. Dad was so disappointed. Mum was more than distraught.
Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 4
Anyway, Things soon got better for my boyfriend.
How money started coming in, I don’t know! His office just started sending him out on different trainings and the re-imbursements were huge. We did our introduction in August, traditional rites in September and wedding on October 18, 2013.
I had initially made a list of all the baby things I needed and shared out to my friends, each having one thing or the other to provide. I eventually didn’t need any dime from anyone. I went baby shopping in september with my mom and bought the best baby things lagos had to offer. I needed to move out of the Catholic hostel I was staying at. Money rolled in and I was able to get a flat in town and even furnished it well!
It’s amazing how God works!
God is still God. He is faithful even in our unfaithfulness. He rights wrongs. Everything has worked out for my good. 
ASUU strike favored me immensely, because I was home from the beginning of my second trimester till now that I have put to birth. And pregnancy practically glowed on me.
Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 5
At 8 Months
The best part? I asked God for a short and safe delivery; I gave birth after only four hours of labour. It’s easy to say ‘only four hours’ now! 
Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 6
In that room, those four hours felt like eternity but when I realized that many women who were there before me were still there when I left, I knew that four hours was indeed ‘only’.  
Kaima is such a beautiful baby, even if I say so myself. 
When I got cleaned up and asked to see her, she was smiling! How does a newly born know how to smile? She smiles a lot!  And everything I asked her to be, she is just that. 
Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 7
I prayed she took her dad’s nose, brows, lashes and height; she did!
She then combined that perfectly with my lovely fingernails, my complexion, eyes, smile and shape of face.
Every mistake can be turned into a blessing! 
Help me in thanking God for His goodness and I sincerely pray that those praying for the fruit of the womb would have their heart desires and that those who are pregnant at the moment would have short and safe delivery. We would hear the cry of the baby and the laughter of the mother.
My name is Ifeoma. 
Read This Girl's Story of how God turned her 'mistake' into a 'miracle' 8


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  1. I like her prayer… Using herself as a contact point for barren women. She's got a #HeartofGold. What a wonderful home. God would protect them in Jesus name!

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