Could This Be Love? 41 Year Old Californian Party Woman Dumps The Party Life To Become Indian Farmer After Marrying A 25 Year Old Man She Met On Facebook

41 year old Californian woman Adriana Peral, took a leap of faith when she flew to in Haryana, India, to meet the man she had fallen in love with over Facebook, 25 year old Mukesh Kumar.
Within months the couple were married, and she had assumed her new role as a doting housewife – sweeping, cooking, cleaning, enjoying buffalo rides, right, and mucking in on the family’s farm in an impoverished rural community. 
It is a far cry from sun-kissed, body conscious California where Adriana enjoyed clubbing with friends, hitting the gym and shopping with daughter Lucy. But despite the radical lifestyle change, Adriana insists she is happier than ever.
The couple now plan to have children together and build a family in India, but Adriana isn’t ruling out returning to the US one day. She said:

 ‘I am actually planning to have children with Mukesh and my mother-in-law even wants me to have two. I get on really well with all the family, Mukesh’s brothers and sisters, his uncles – they have all taken me to their hearts. If I could bring the American food and luxuries here it would be perfect. But one day we would like to return to America with our family.
‘The people of India are very loving and this does feel like a second home now.’

Adriana Peral

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In love: Adriana Peral, 41, and her husband Mukesh Kumar, 25, met and fell in love online
Adriana Peral makes some tea for her husband and in-laws at her house in a village in Panipat, India
Adriana Peral makes some tea for her husband and in-laws at her house in a village in Panipat, India, and sweeps the outside
Change of pace: Adriana Peral stands beside a cow at the front yard of her house in a village in Panipat, India, as she gets used to a rural existance
Hard work: Adriana Peral has left the creature comforts of an electronic dishwasher behind as she does the dishes by hand at her house in a village in Panipat, India,
Culture: Adriana Peral and Mukesh Kumar celebrate their wedding in Panipat, India, in traditional style
Home from home: Adriana Peral, pictured with her husband Mukesh Kumar while enjoying their lunch at their house in a village in Panipat, India, says she has no regrets about leaving California
Mukesh, who speaks broken English, but is learning from his new wife, said: ‘Adriana is a good wife. 
‘She is always doing housework and if my mum is doing dishes she say, “No, I want to do – it is my job”.
‘I am very happy to marry with her. It is true love.’
Crucially for Mrs Kumar, her mother-in-law Bimla Devi, 70, has given the pair her blessings – and even endorsed her housewife skills.
Speaking in Hindi, Bimla said: ‘I am happy my son married a foreigner. She respects me. If he had married a girl from our village, she would probably not have respected me as much as Adriana does.
‘She works all the house too, I like her a lot.’
Family: Adriana Peral and her mother-in-law Bimla Devi share a moment together at the front yard of their house in a village in Panipat, India

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