US Police Hunting For Orji Uzor Kalu, Declares Him Wanted For Murdering His Mistress

Former Abia State Governor, Uzor Kalu, has gone into hiding occasioned by the warrant of arrest against him, issued by the US government over the murder of his mistress Chinwe Ogbona in USA few years ago.
It will be recalled that Kalu was accused murdering his mistress in his Portomarc mansion after several rounds of “enjoyment” with the lady who is said to be a shop attendant in the US.
Ex-Governor Kalu who was in company of his brother Nnanna Kalu when the incident happened disappeared into the thin air, escaping arrest…The family of the deceased with the help of some well-connected individuals has been on the case to ensure that Kalu who has not entered the US since that period is brought to book.
It was learnt that the manhunt for Kalu has started in earnest having been declared wanted by the authorities.
Further investigations revealed that the search for Kalu by the Interpol has been extended to other Countries and Nigeria is not an exception.

Kalu in the past few weeks have gone into hiding, as he no longer appears publicly in Nigeria, as was the case some months ago.
The family of the deceased it was reliably gathered has petitioned President Goodluck Jonathan and the IG on the issue. A source at the IG’s office confirmed that the petition has been received and the IG is said to be working on the case discreetly.


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  1. Another paid and planted story…..agreed a lady did die in Kalu's U.S house few days ago….the police were invited in, they conducted tests and forensic checks…he was absolved of any complicity in the lady's death and was set free Atleast America is not Nigeria there is rule of law and If Bill clinton could be tried while in office as American President then No Man on America's soil is an Untouchable that includes Chief Kalu…this is a mere attempt to wipe up sentiments and cast dent on his perceived political aspirations. it beats my reasoning to believe as the writer is making us to think that Kalu escaped from the U.S when in the first instance they would have taken him into custody if they had suspected any foul play on his part….kindly get your facts straight and avoid raising undue dust where none exist. T.A Orji and his co-travellers please come up with a more credible issue and leave Chief Orji Uzor Kalu to be.


  2. No wonder he was rated among the d 1st 20 Billionaire. How much for d founder? Cuz am ready to work for for money

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