Cameroonian Player Dies After Angry Spectators Threw Stones At Him

Cameroonian Player Dies After Angry Spectators Threw Stones At Him 1
Cameroonian player Albert Ebosse died yesterday after he was hit by an object which was thrown at him by spectators after a game in Algeria.
The incident happened on yesterday (August 23) after Albert Ebosse scored in his team, JS Kabylie’s 2-1 home defeat to USM Alger.
Fans started throwing objects presumed to be stones at the players as they returned to the changing rooms after the game. Ebosse was taken to a hospital in Tizi Ouzou.

Cameroon footballer Ebosse dies after spectators throw objects at players

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The 24 year old player who was the leading goal scorer in the Algerian league last season with 17 goals to his name was pronounced dead with a head injury shortly afterwards with the Algerian interior ministry confirming that an investigation will be launched into the incident.
The player’s club confirmed the loss while opponents USM Alger published a press release yesterday in which they said they were saddened to hear of the 24-year-old’s death and described the tragic incident as a ‘bombshell’.
May his soul rest in peace.

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