Rihanna Shares A Photo of Her Touching Herself With The Word ”School Kills”

Rihanna Posts Super Provocative PHOTO Of Her Touching Herself On Twitter [LOOK]
Yesterday (August 25th) Rihanna shared a provocative picture of her touching herself with the caption ”School Kills” and the picture has generated a lot of controversy because students are heading back to school today/ 
But it’s not the message that’s got most people’s attention here… It’s the fact that her skirt is see-through, and you can clearly see that she’s touching herself down there.
Beneath marijuana leaves, cigarette packs and labels of “pain,” “shady” and “role model,” bad gal RiRi grabs her genitals over black thong underwear.
And while this may seem absurd to many, it’s become the norm for Rihanna who is known for her controversial decisions, racy photos and scandalous outfits…..peep the photo when you continue…

Rihanna Shares A Photo of Her Touching Herself With The Word ''School Kills'' 1

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Just last week the singer stepped out without any pants on a few days after she walked the streets in what appears to be lingerie.

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