Congolese Prophet Says TB Joshua Is The Messiah, He Wont Die But Will Suffer

Cogolese Pastor Jean-Claude Kibondzi
Congolese prophet Jean-Claude Kibondzi is one of the thousands of worshippers who have constantly yearned to meet face-to-face with controversial MOG TB Joshua. He says he’s based in Sweden and has been unable to meet TB Joshua since he started coming to Nigeria in 2012.
He calls himself a prophet and predicts that more buildings at the Synagogue may collapse. He speaks in a manner that casts doubt over his sanity. Read excerpts from his bizarre interview

You said God revealed things to you. What were they?T.B Joshua is a messiah. He is not a real human being. He is a special creator from God and it is only God that knows why he chose to use that body. There is likely no man of God who is spiritually endowed. It is only those who are filled with the spirit of God that can understand him and that is why demons tremble when they come close to him. Again, I want to say T.B Joshua is the fulfillment of the promise of God in Mathew 21 verse 42 to 44.

What other revelation has God shown you that has come to pass?God has shown me many Prophecies like the fall of the Catholic church and the fall of the Pope. I sent these prophecies via mail to SCOAN. I even call the church but nothing tangible has come out of it.

Why did you send it to SCOAN and not the catholic church?
Well, I sent it to SCOAN because I had contact with them and I told some Pastors in Sweden but they did not believe me. I told them about the missing Malaysian airplane but they never listened to me. My Challenge in Sweden is racism.
Have you been able to speak with TB Joshua since Saturday?
No, his security officials were very arrogant. They go as far as pushing and treating you like a dog. They did not want me to talk. I was detained on Sunday around 8am till 9:45pm in a room with no water or food. My family did not know where I was. At 9:45pm, they told me to come back the next day that I will see the man of God. The next day, I was at Gate 5 as agreed. They began to push me here and there and when they saw that some people were attracted to the scene, they carried me into the same room and locked me there. It was when I was released that my wife told me it was someone who saw us when we were walking into the church premises that told her and she began shouting and this led to my release.
Why did God send you instead of somebody close to TB Joshua?
God has sent me to America to empower a man of God. I also got a revelation about President Obama and other pastors in Sweden prayed for him for two weeks.
Have you met TB Joshua in spirit?
I met him in the spirit and in the throne of God.
It takes a spiritual person to understand who this man is. For me, I have to know you in the spirit to confirm whether or not you are a man of God. If TB Joshua were a white man, I believe, we will be paying nothing less than $10,000 to go and visit him. But, here in Nigeria, people don’t believe him and I am giving them another five years and they will know better when this man’s mission will be accomplished.

He has a mission to accomplish in five years time and will be taken away like Enorch?

God will take him and everyone will see it. Then, the people will know. But, until then.

Is that a fresh revelation?
It is not like a fresh revelation, but, the consequence of the threatening of his life. He will not be killed but he will suffer.
Are you saying all these to get his attention?
No, I am not. I spoke with one of the man’s wise men called, “Wise man Daniel and made him understand that he was a prophet of T.B Joshua while I am a prophet of the Almighty God. He apologized immediately because he knew I was not kidding. I told him I will put the power of God to test in his presence so as to know that I am not an ordinary man. God will always rescue TB Joshua from any trouble but I am more concerned of the lives of the people that may perish if no preventive measure is taken. I am not in government but a spiritual leader, and whether people like it or not, I will be going back to my country. I have told God that, this would be my last time in Nigeria and I will not come back.
And what if God sends you to people like Adeboye, Kumuyi among others?
I don’t take a contact of someone I don’t know in the spirit. Many people call themselves men of God but in the real sense they are not. I can’t talk or authenticate someone who I have not met in the spirit.
What will happen if you are not able to see him?
This is my seventh visit to SCOAN and everything God has shown has happened. So, if I can’t get him this time, I will not come back.

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