”Man Love Is A MuthaFucka” – Keyshia Cole Responds To Assault Incident

''Man Love Is A MuthaFucka'' - Keyshia Cole Responds To Assault Incident 1
On Friday morning (Sept. 19), Keyshia Cole was arrested for running up in Birdman’s condo and beating up a lady. Unfortunately, or hilariously, the first reaction of most when hearing this news wasn’t concern of the singer being jailed or the welfare of the victim. Instead it was usually, 

“Keyshia Cole is banging Birdman?”

Now, the topic of discussion will surely be how much Keyshia Cole is about to get sued for.
The volatile crooner took to social media after her release. “Man love is a muthaFucka,” wrote Cole on Instagram.
Meanwhile the woman she assaulted has been identified as Sabrina, a Cash Money employee.. Read the deets HERE.
Check out Keyshia’s messages when you continue…..


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Sigh. Keyshia might need to just be alone for a while and focus on herself, riigghht? 

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