Justin Bieber Taunts Orlando Bloom, Posts A Photo Of The Actor Crying

Hair we go again: Justin was keen to show off his facial hair on Wednesday, while making no reference to the incident with Bloom
After yesterday’s scuffle where star actor Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber outside Cipriana restaurant in Ibiza, Spain, the 20-year-old star posted an image of his 37-year-old enemy crying. 
After putting up Orlando’s crying picture, he deleted it and after 20 minutes, he put the picture back up again. 
Meanwhile earlier on after the restuarant brawl, Bieber posted a sexy snap of Orlando Bloom’s estranged wife Miranda Kerr then took it down hours later. 
It is widely rumoured that Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr dated briefly in 2012 cos they hooked up after a Victoria’s Secret show though the Australian supermodel denied it. 
The photos when you continue…

A low blow: Justin Bieber posted this image of a crying Orlando Bloom on Wednesday, just after an altercation with the actor outside Cipriana restaurant in Ibiza, Spain; it is widely believed the two don't get along because the 20-year-song got too close to the 37-year-old actor's wife Miranda Kerr

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Justin Bieber likes playing games on social media: Earlier on, he posted a picture of Miranda below. 
He likes playing games on social media: Bieber taunted Bloom by posting this sexy photo of Kerr on his Instagram account

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