Read this piece written by Justin Ijeh on #savemayowa scandal

Justin Ijeh wrote his thoughts on the save Mayowa scandal currently going on between Mayowa Ahmed’s family, Toyin Aimakhu, Linda Ikeja, LUTH and others.
Read this piece written by Justin Ijeh on #savemayowa scandal 1
Read below: 

“We are a strange people.

Amongst us, we found the heart, the compassion, the inclusiveness to reach out to a young woman whose life still hangs in the balance as I write this.#MayowaAhmed is literally going through a living hell.

Failed by the Nigerian healthcare system. Failed by a broken health insurance ‘industry’. Failed by Nigeria.

Yet, Nigerians…the amazing, loving people that most of us are, rallied around her. Her family sent out an SOS to the world and boy ,did Nigerians come running!

Over $120,000 and N80million raised in 3 days!

SO that #MayowaAhmed can be flown abroad for much-needed help.

SO that the death sentence pronounced by her doctors here can be challenged in the court of second opinion.

SO that her family can, if that is how it turns out…console themselves in the knowledge that they tried…that they did everything they could…that they went beyond the ordinary…to give her a fighting chance…

Like I said…we are a strange people….

From amongst us…some satans have arisen…filled with venom…flicking their serpentine tongues and spewing a death that will consume them! 

Those who have been blessed with a voice…who have been given a platform, but are still slaves to their egos and bellies…shrivelled souls with little hope for redemption. 

They live for the headlines…the spotlights…at any cost. Even a life.

More when you continue…..

They say it is a scam…the cancer afflicting #MayowaAhmed’s body is terminal…it is stage 4. Therefore there is no need to raise funds.
Her family should just buy a coffin and place it at her bedside.
She should just save everyone the drama and die already.
I suppose her family wants to use the money to buy houses on Banana Island and Range Rovers from Coscharis….etcetera ad nauseam…
You all have no souls. Snakes. Brood of vipers. Ambulating cadavers!
Some years back, I was (mis) diagnosed with cancer. I had a biopsy done. It was benign. I was relieved. But not before a major emotional toll was exacted on me.
I had a young family, what if….??? Temi was my pillar…along with one who is more brother than friend…
I still go for annual reviews…
Most people who know me in person- including some family- will be reading this for the first time tonight.
My perspective on life hasn’t been the same since…
Cancer is no joke!
It is ridiculous for people to think that a family going through this would be thinking of extorting them of money. begone with your money…can it buy life?
And these clowns…children of a thousand fathers…. human cancers themselves…go to town with such malignant talebearing…
You mobilised police to harass the family over this?! You can do this but when you see the politicians robbing you blind and impoverishing your country you call them ‘chairman’? ” we are loyal” You put up their campaign ads on your blogs…you attend their lavish parties…and you do this to a suffering family?!
May cancer visit you at home. May it creep into your bed and give you a french kiss. Let it flavor the water you drink and perfume the air you breathe…so that you may walk a day in the shoes of this family that you have assaulted like this…
And may God forgive you…after a while.”

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