Woman Uses Facebook Live To Document Police Murder Her BLACK Boyfriend [DISTURBING VIDEO]

Not even 24-hours into the collective mourning and search for answers and justice over the death of Alton Sterling, another brutal police killing of an African American man has been caught on camera.

Lavish Reynolds was driving with her boyfriend Philando Castile and her 4-year-old daughter in the backseat when police pulled them over for a busted tail light. According to a 10-minute live broadcast she shared via Facebook Live, the officer shot Philando 4 times in the chest and arm as he reached for his license and identification, as asked by officers. Castile reportedly passed away at the hospital later in the evening.

How can they shoot 4 times into a car with a little girl on the back seat? WARNING: This happened about 3 hours ago and the video is disturbing……It’s so painful to hear the little girl console her mum….watch the video when you continue…..

SMH. This keeps happening and it is beyond exhausting…

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