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Are you A Boxers or Briefs Guy or A Boxers Briefs Guy?

Once upon a time, being a boxer or a brief person was a closing character trait, but it’s 2018 and every style is a trend like why do we need to be put aside because of an underwear box? Loose boxers or tight fitting briefs might both have a place in your life.

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Let’s talk about the appearance, comfort and functionality

There are certain things to take into account if you want great-looking underwear. Your body type is a factor. Is your belly a little round or flat? Do you have larger thighs? Size matter like they do with other clothes.


Boxer briefs give you the best of both worlds. They’re like lean shorts that give your legs that extra appeal especially if you happen to be fit.

Boxer Briefs are easy enough for an active day. They don’t leave your manhood hanging the way boxers do.Try jogging in boxer briefs and boxers and you’re going to notice the difference.

Boxer Brief holds everything together as you go about your day without feeling uncomfortable down there, and they are at a very low risk of wardrobe malfunction.



As a grown man you will want something that’s a little more padded and dresses your thighs up. Boxers do that nicely. Since they resemble shorts, they also make the lower body look bigger.

when you don’t plan on getting out of bed or going anywhere boxers are the best thing to wear,they look like shorts and  other men may like the feeling that they are not wearing anything down there, but they are at much risk of having a wardrobe malfunction.



Briefs by far provide the most support. The better they are made, the more freedom of motion you get. Just hear what soccer superstar David Beckham had to say about tighty-whities: “They’re comfortable. I think they feel great, especially when you’re playing soccer, as well.”

They’re not at much risk of a wardrobe malfunction unless they’re the wrong size. However they don’t exactly cover the inner parts of your thighs. And there is also a chance they can cause chafing when your body moves around.

So ladies and guys let’s know your preferences.


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