Beautiful 17-Year-Old Girl Reveals Why She Pledges To Remain A Virgin Until Marriage

A 17-year-old Hannah Lee Powers, from Louisiana, USA has revealed why she recently chose to dedicate herself to America’s Purity Movement with her father – a program that sees young women pledging abstinence to their fathers.

Many teens of her age might never consider making such a vow, Hannah insists that pledging her abstinence to her dad is strengthening their relationship with each other, as well as her commitment to God. Hannah told Barcroft TV of her decision to pledge abstinence to her father.

‘The bible says that sex before marriage is a sin and I believe that.’

‘I’m doing this Purity Ball because it’s like a symbol to tell everybody. That this is what I am doing and you may not accept it.

‘You may think it’s weird but this is what I want to do because I want to take the stand for what believe in. I want to make a promise to myself and to God that I will stay pure until I get married. ‘I don’t need to do all these things that girls are doing and that girls consider to be normal. I don’t have to do these things. I don’t have to have sex to know that I am loved.’

The Purity Movement started in Colorado Springs 20 years ago, where it was founded by evangelist Randy Wilson and his wife Lisa, and it has since spread across 48 states and 17 countries.

The formal occasion entails the girls wearing long white gowns and the fathers donning smart suits, attending a dinner and dance – making it look like a wedding. At the ceremony, fathers are given a key representing their daughter’s chastity, which they are meant to eventually pass on to their daughter’s future husband.

Both father and daughter then sign a purity contract and the daughters are given a purity ring to wear on their wedding ring finger.

For Hannah, both faith and her family have heavily influenced her decision to take the purity vow and it especially means a lot to her father, Beauchamp.

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