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Cardi B Wants To Have Sex With Husband Offset In “30 Different Positions” For Her Birthday – Watch Video



Cardi B Wants To Have Sex With Husband Offset In "30 Different Positions" For Her Birthday - Watch Video 3

Cardi B, who turned 26 yesterday explicitly states that what she wanted as a birthday gift from her husband Offset, is for him to have sex with her in “30 different positions”.

The excited rapper took to her Instagram page to share a recorded video, thanking all her fans for their birthday wishes, she thanked everyone. In a recorded video shared online, Cardi thanked everyone, she then revealed what she wanted most at the time. She then said what she wanted from her husband Offset for her birthday.

She said:

I’m gonna drink some Hennessy today, so I’m a little scared because I might act up, but I don‘t give a f**k.

I want my husband to f**k me 30 different positions, I want that n***a to flex me like a New York pretzel.

I’m dumb happy I am 26-years-old. I have everything I ever wanted and I’m so thankful and I am so grateful.

Thank you Jesus and thank you everybody for all the love, ya heard!

Watch the video below.

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