“Ladies Be Careful, Your Panties Are Now Being Sold To Ritualists For N200K To N350K” – Man Reveals

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to warn ladies to stop spreading their underwear out carelessly because their panties are the new gold. He revealed that boys are now selling pants for N200,000 to ritualists, and the ones that have thick stains in the middle such as blood goes as high as N350,000.

A video of a dreaded unnamed Nigerian man, who took a video with a phone and reveal this sad truth surfaced on the internet. His pain and fear got obvious that he decided to expose the booming pant business because he has a mother and wouldn’t want to see any woman get hurt. He revealed that boys are using the stolen panties for “underground purpose” because they want to get quick wealth.

In the video, he warned Nigerian ladies that boys are now selling their panties because it’s the new gold, and they sell for a whopping N250,000. He goes further to say those pants with dirt lines or blood stains sell for around N350,000.

Speaking pidgin, he started the video, posted on Instablog9ja by saying:

“People wan soft (be rich and comfortable) by all means, people wan live fresh life, Lord have mercy. I take am up to myself say men, if I nor pass this information, God nor go forgive me.

“See ehn, ladies make una dey careful. Make una dey very very careful.”

He then proceeded to tell women to stop spreading their pants outside and to trust nobody, not even their boyfriends, even delving into the topic of how many pants women should take to their boyfriends’ place – He advises two because it’s risky and dangerous if one is secretly taken for the evil purpose.

He also said that why some guys have refused to disclose this to women is because some of the ladies like forming and always bring themselves high not knowing that their destinies are being used.

He claimed that this is one of the reasons why some ladies don’t marry on time and even become childless among other misfortunes that will befall them if their panties are used for the ritual purpose.

The young man said he has a soft spot in his heart for women and God won’t forgive him if he doesn’t expose this.

Watch the shocking confession below and hear for yourself.

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“Ladies panties are now being sold to ritualists for N200k,” Nigerian man warns. [Swipe]

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