Man Confesses Of Being Addicted To Sleeping With Married Women, He Likes It But Wants To Stop

UK-based Nigerian Solutions Architect named Kolade Babajide took to his Facebook page to make an open confession of him being addicted to sleeping with married women. Though he likes it, he wants to stop but doesn’t know the way out.

It’s 2018, Couples are still cheating on each other as they have always done. Cheating is not a sport only men play. We must add that women are just as crazy at cheating as men are. And it has even been argued severally that women could be worse cheats than men. So regardless of whether it’s a man cheating on his wife, or a wife cheating on her husband… it’s no longer new anymore, or as shocking as it once used to be.

We have another drama here, a UK-based Nigerian man named Kolade Babajide took to his Facebook page of the same name to state a problem that he enjoys — he made an open confession that he likes having sex with married women and derives a high from it.

The University of Southampton graduate went further to say that he wants to stop, but he cannot stop and then asks his Facebook friends for help.

In the since-deleted post, he said:

“Am (I’m) addicted to sleeping with married women. They go for me and I also pursue them. I want to stop this habit. I can’t lie, I enjoy it but I want to stop. The thought of pursuing a married woman gives me this excitement and when we actually have sex, the pleasure and the adrenaline can’t be described. I want to stop, any way out.”

This is a problem we don’t need because this country is already brimming with reported unfaithfulness, so please if you have any idea or suggestion please help this man stop this madness.

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