Quavo Claims He Slept With Nicki Minaj, Exposes Fling With Her On New Track ‘Huncho Dreams’

Quavo Claims He Slept With Nicki Minaj, Exposes Fling With Her On New Track 'Huncho Dreams' 1

Migos rapper, Quavo who just released his album “Quavo Huncho” has caused an uproar and left many wondering after he made claims that he slept with Nicki Minaj on a track Honcho Dreams.

The rapper made the claim in the “Huncho Dreams” where he boasted about bagging the ‘Queen’ — and insists that she wants to marry him, which is, by the way, an obvious response to Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams”.

In her song “Barbie Dreams”, Nicki joked about sleeping with rappers in the industry. She gave Quavo two lines in that song. Now Quavo has hit back at Nicki Minaj with an entire song claiming he slept with her.

The whole tit for tat started Nicki’s song ‘Barbie Dreams”, where listed all her previous or potential lovers, including her rumored romance with the Migos member Quavo.

She says of Quavo:

“Somebody go and make sure Karrueche okay though / I heard she think I’m tryna give the coochie to Quavo.”

Now, Quavo has hit back at Nicki with an entire song dedicated to her.

“Made her scream (Scream) / Chanel, I bought her two of ’em / You can check IG (Hey, IG) / ‘Cause when she post, it go up (Go)”

He also references Nicki Minaj being upset with him over not defending her to Cardi B over the whole “Motorsport” fiasco.

“She said I hurt her feelings 52 times (Two) / Call up queen (Nicki) / The queen can’t flex on a young bull (Flex).”

Quavo references he and Nicki’s duet, “She For Keeps”.

“Is she for keeps? (For keeps) / Only if she come with two of ’em (Two)”

He says that he’s not trying to wife Nicki and implies that the two have had sex.

“Yeah, I be snipin’ (Snipe, snipe) / I can’t be wifin’ (Nah, no wife) / I know she feisty (Feisty, feisty)”

He refers to himself as video game character Bison from Street Fighter. Nicki often refers herself to Street Fighter character Chun Li.

“I’m Huncho Bison (Huncho Bison) / She treat me righteous (Righteous, righteous) / Nigga don’t mean to brag (No) / I be tryin’ to keep it cool, but I sniped yo’ ass (Swear).”

He also references Nicki Minaj and Takashi 69’s “FeFe”

“No “FEFE,” I skeet-skeet (“FEFE”) on yo’ face ass (Face ass) / Called up Huncho to come tap that ass (Swear) / Pull up on you, autotune when I grip that ass (Skeet, skeet) / Pullin’ on yo’ weave, ‘cross the room when I pipe that ass (Pipe it).”

He does, however, finish with an apology:

‘if I hurt your feelings, I am truly sorry / Straight out the jungle, no safari,’ —

referencing Nicki’s ex, Safaree Samuels.

But while playing the song at his listening session, Quavo had a Nicki Minaj impersonator to re-enact Nicki’s reaction to his Chanel bag gift.

Nicki Minaj was last linked romantically to Meek Mill and has been rumored to have gotten close to Eminem and Drake.

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