Tanzanian Man Kills Hostile Leopard Single-Handedly Without Using Any Weapon

A 38-year-old young Tanzanian man identified as Abdhalla Mwaisabila has killed hostile leopard single-handedly without using any weapon.

According to reports, Mwaisabila went into the bush to fetch some firewoods when he bumped into the angry leopard which immediately attacked him off guard and he fell on the ground.

Mwaisabila said he struggled with the leopard for a while and managed to overpower the leopard which had already started devouring one of his arms, and fast aiming at his neck.

Luckily for Mwaisabila, his hand got hold of a piece of wood on the ground which he reportedly used to hit the wild leopard and eventually killed it.

The incident has left Mwaisabila with minor injuries which were dealt with at the hospital. But according to reports, he disfigured the leopard to the extent that no use could be made of it. It was subsequently burnt and buried.

Mwaisabila said he is so happy to have survived the attack.

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