Deeper Life landlord Bans Female Tenants And Visitors From Wearing Trousers, Shorts

A certain landlord, who happens to be a Deeper Life church member, is enforcing the word of God in his house.

A notice posted on the walls of a conservative Deeper Life Church in Achara, Enugu State, explicitly bans wearing of trousers by his female tenants and their female visitors in his house.

The notice was shared online by one who disclosed he was once a tenant in the said house, but was evicted 3 months ago when the new Deeper Life landlord took ownership of the house.

He is reported as saying that he passed by the house recently, only to spot the controversial notice posted at vantage points on the walls.

The notice reads: “ATTENTION PLEASE! Ladies are not allowed to wear trousers or shorts into this compound. Please comply”.

See the post below:

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