“Any Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Take Money Is A Witch, She’ll Kill You After One Month” – Rev. Anaba

Rev. Anaba has made a bizarre statement about women who do not ask for money from their boyfriends.

Founder and Leader of Fountain Gates Ministry in Ghana, Reverend Eastwood Anaba has reportedly warned men not to rejoice when their girlfriends do not ask them for money.

The respected cleric was quoted as saying ladies are mostly for two main things; money or life, so if they are not interested in one, then they are in for the other.

Although it is not clear when exactly Rev Anaba stated this, Ghana Celebrities reported that he made the controversial statement while delivering a sermon in his church.

According to him, any girlfriend who doesn’t ask for money from her man is a witch who is trying to kill her partner after one month.

“A girlfriend who doesn’t take your money is a witch who is trying to kill you after one month. So, they are not looking for your money, they are looking for your life.

“So, don’t be happy and say that you are dating a girl who doesn’t like money, who rather gives you money.

“She is buying you to chew you. You are a cow, she is going to chew you and she is going to use you as ‘Kyinkyinga. You are walking suya.”

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