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Yemi Osinbajo: Nigeria’s child of Necessity

The current events that greeted and overshadowed the country’s developmental process which culminated into various fragments, lack the appropriate adjective to convey it’s wholesomeness as it is also a handful.

Yemi Osinbajo: Nigeria's child of Necessity
The cacophony of the noiseless drums that heralds the rudiments of our motherland, that was once christened with peace and tranquility, has suddenly plunged into a disastrous serum of poisonous dosage as that can only be combated with a virile and indefatigable practical template that will not nevish sleeping speeches but with survival actions being put in place.

To lead and bring back Nigeria to her olden days of glory is a herculean task which, without mincing words and derailing from the point of sincerity, should be built around and upon energetic, intellectualism and a whole bunch of spontaneous expertise. We will be doing ourselves a huge de-service if we decide to flaunt and float our political decisions on the platform of sentimental alibi thereby taking a million steps backward instead of the other way round.

Aside the current insecurity situations which have bedeviled the country in almost it’s entirety, our double quick march and nose dive into economy retrogression are also huge factors that don’t sit well with the country’s resume and profile.

Against this background, the question every Nigerian is anxiously asking as the general election draw close is,; who will rescue the country from the shackles of this impasse? Who will revive the country from the doldrums of uncertainty and melancholy even as it is already at cliff end.

Nigeria needs a selfless enigma and one that will be able to marry his words with practical actions. We are like a people of the oldies that are learning the ropes all over again and how to live like true humans courtesy of perpetual fear of the unknown.

However, It is therefore very paramount to adhere to our survival instincts and make a choice that encapsulates and built around one with the intellectual capabilities coupled with sound professionalism, mentally alert, psychologically balance and loyal to the people’s yearning and wailing. This is the only vehicular product that can convey the task ahead as a just cause to our progressive crescendo.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo has all the aforementioned sterling qualities. His antecedents as the Vice President over the years are so glaring that Nigerians can’t wait for this UNIFIER and down-to-earth individual whose passionate relationship with the masses stands out.

Yemi Osinbajo: Nigeria's child of Necessity 1

Nigerians will not forget how he compelled various sectoral heads and handlers in Government to sit up to their roles and duties while he showed some nonchalant the way out. Ordering the service chiefs to relocate to Bornu State while it was being run aground by terrorists is a show of astute commitment to securing the country without giving any room for complacency.

He signed the Executive order of Ease of Doing Business which is the most important facet of the country’s economic drive.

”Osibobo” like he is fondly called is one individual who takes swift action whenever there is malfeasance; not like some namby-pamby whose trade is tied to procrastination.

On the perennial farmer-herder conflicts in parts of the country, Nigerians witnessed how the Vice President as chairman of the National Economic Council introduced the National Livestock Transformation Plan which is aimed at boosting food production, creating employment for rural dwellers, and significantly reducing incidents of conflicts between farmers and livestock producers in the country. Despite achieving and standardizing these feats, he didn’t stop there as he kept monitoring every event in order to ensure the decision reached in that regard is upheld and maintained to the latter.

With all the progressive leverages that alleviated the suffering of the masses which range from Traders money, N-Power, supporting the SMEs amongst many, one can imagine what lies ahead if he is entrusted with the steering wheel of power.

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For the one whose major intentions are to ensure the masses don’t groin in pain and in abject economic quagmire, only one faithful factor comes to mind. PYO

He is a silent and uncommon achiever whose module of intelligence is saturated with basic knowledge of what Nigerians need and what Nigerians want as a people.

In a time like this where hopes are hanging in the balance, only a loyal, dedicated and nonsentimental solution is what the country needs to be liberated Such liberation lies in PYO.

Every country thrives in a progressive economy. PYO’s primary sermon are focused on our economic salvation. In him lies the pulpit in which the orison of our economic salvation will be delivered.

In conclusion, the urgency on ground demands that Nigerians drag this man out to take up the mantle of responsibility because Nigerians needs a break from this incessant state of incomplete disorder. And as one who has the interest of the country at heart, having a second thoughts over the plea to take up this task at this point in time isn’t even a thing to consider.

It is on this note that Nigerians are demanding the call for him to come liberate the land of his motherland is answered unequivocally .

Dr Daniel C. Onyemaka.
email: [email protected]

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