Late Victor Uwaifo’s Family Accuses His Manager Of Forging Will, Rejects Fundraiser

Late Victor Uwaifo’s manager has been dragged to court over an alleged forgery of the musician’s will.

The family of late music legend, Sir Victor Uwaifo has accused his manager, Chris Eburu, of forging his will and using the deceased’s name to deceive the public.

Late Victor Uwaifo's Family Accuses His Manager Of Forging Will, Rejects Fundraiser

Victor Uwaifo Manager

Uwaifo, better known as ‘Guitar Boy’, passed away in August last year, at age of 80, after battling an undisclosed illness in Edo State.

Speaking to journalists in Benin, the family members – which also included Uwaifo’s son Goodman Uwaifo and his daughter Mrs. Ogbomwen Reden — accused Eburu of exploiting their father’s name to mislead the public into signing up for the scheme.

The family disowned a fundraiser initiated by the manager to mark the one-year anniversary of the musician’s demise, noting that  Eburu is also standing trial in court for allegedly forging their late father’s will.

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Goodman said, “We know our father is a global figure that can be celebrated anywhere by his fans but not somebody who is already having issues and facing criminal charges,” Goodman said.

“He (Eburu) is using a platform connected to my father’s Revelation Tourism Palazo to mobilise people for the event and we frown at that.

“My eldest brother is in the US, he is not aware of this, about eight, out of our father’s 12 children are not aware of this and they are not part of it.”

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On her part, Reden alleged that the manager altered their father’s will and brought in witnesses believed to be unknown to the musician to sign as witnesses in the will.

“The witnesses are not the kind of persons my late father would associate with. My father cannot have an unmarried woman to sign his will,” she said.

“My father was a very hard-working man till he died and I will not allow anybody to reap what he has laboured for. I am fighting for my father’s legacy.”

Eburu was said to have declined comment on the alleged forgery, adding that the matter was already before a court.

The manager also reportedly claimed he sought the consent of the family before initiating plans for the anniversary.

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