Nigerian Man Recounts What Saved Him From Girl’s Accusation Of Rape After He Resisted Her Seduction

Nigerian man narrates painful rape allegation against him

A Nigerian man, Ebi Oluchukwu Daniel has recounted a painful experience and what appeared to be the hand of God that saved him.

Nigerian Man Recounts What Saved Him From Girl's Accusation Of Rape After He Resisted Her Seduction 1

Nigerian Man Narrates How Camera In His Room Saved Me From Girl’s Accusation Of Rape

Daniel said a girl whom he had resisted her seduction raised an alarm that he raped her and everyone but only his close friends believed his story.

He recounted in a tweet while reacting to a post by a brand influencer, Diji.

In Diji’s post, he asked his followers to narrate an incident that happened to them which made them believe there is God.

Diji wrote, “What’s that incident that happened to you that made you believe “There’s God”?”.

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In his reaction to Diji’s post, Daniel said after the allegation he cried bitterly for months.

According to him, after praying he discovered that the camera in his room that he thought was off, actually recorded everything that transpired in his room that day.

Below is his full narration.

A girl once accused me of rape after she seduced me and I refused. I cried bitterly for months because only my close friends believed my story and after praying I discovered my camera in my room all this while I thought it was off.

It was on video recording all activities in my room🥺🤲🏽 I had no essence but he came through for me😭😭

In other news, Kanyi Daily reported that a Nigerian man recounted how robbers who tried to slaughter him were chased by an invincible crowd of people.

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