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Nigerian Army Hotlines: How to report electoral violence in your state to the Nigerian Army



The Nigerian Army has emphasized that it will not tolerate any acts of violence or electoral malpractice during the 2023 general election and has released the Nigerian Army hotlines for all the 36 states.

Nigerian Army Hotlines: How to report electoral violence in your state to the Nigerian Army

The Army’s Chief of Policy and Plans, Lieutenant General Lamidi Adeosun, made this clear in a statement, saying that troops have been directed to enforce the law, and deal decisively with anyone or group of persons that attempt to disrupt the electoral process.

In order to ensure a peaceful and successful election, the Nigerian Army has provided hotlines for each of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, which citizens can use to report any suspicious activity or incidents of violence. This is in line with the Army’s commitment to support civil authorities and work in synergy with the Nigeria Police to protect lives and property during the elections.

The Army has also produced and circulated Codes of Conduct and Rules of Engagement for Operation Safe Conduct to its formations and units. This is to ensure that troops operate within the provisions of the codes and rules, and provide guidance to ensure that their actions do not violate the rights of citizens.

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Members of the public are encouraged to report any suspicious acts or acts of violence by calling the phone numbers provided in their respective states. The full list of hotlines for each state is available below.

The hotlines released by the Nigerian Army are as follows:

ABIA STATE 08031113129

ADAMAWA STATE 08022750987

AKWA-IBOM STATE 07034470916

ANAMBRA STATE 07035891185

BAUCHI STATE 08128063675

BAYELSA STATE 08033241005

BENUE STATE 08080754339

BORNO STATE 09099616160 08086987079


DELTA STATE 07035070797

EBONYI STATE 08158274048

EDO STATE 09066325953

EKITI STATE 08037851448

ENUGU STATE 09032102212 08023097458

GOMBE STATE 07063908779 08082557782

IMO STATE 07034907427

JIGAWA STATE 07017791414 08100144363

KADUNA STATE 07031544227 08028580978 08035242633

KANO STATE 08038432656

KASTINA STATE 08108854061 09012998054

KEBBI STATE 09130213661

KOGI STATE 08033217964

KWARA STATE 09060001270

LAGOS STATE 08034025825 08023190487 09024409000 08033709434


NIGER STATE 07031346425

OGUN STATE 09116589494

ONDO STATE 08036130535

OSUN STATE 09019683922

OYO STATE 07047703000

PLATEAU STATE 08037116395 07031260622

RIVERS STATE 08064274222

SOKOTO STATE 07069084570 07052693532 08136913284

TARABA STATE 08136728969 08060902363

YOBE STATE 08061397656

ZAMFARA STATE 08140075541

FCT 09114913164 08186690471 08079153860 08034276240 08164304255 09159793968

The Nigerian Army has urged members of the public to use the hotlines.

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