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How My Elder Sister’s 27-Yr-Old Friend Raped, Wounded Me When I Was 8 Yrs Old – Nigerian Man Recounts



A Nigerian man by the name of Onyenna Izubaba has recounted how he was raped when he was just eight years old by his sider sister’s 27-year-old family friend.

Nigerian Man

The Nigerian man said the experience gave him a wound on his penis and he could not urinate.

According to him, he reported the incident to his mother but she denied it.

He said after some time, a “granny” asked him to also visit her at night and when he told his mother, the “granny” denied inviting him and beat him.

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The Nigerian man recounted this in reaction to a post made by a Twitter influencer, John Doe.

Doe shared the experience of a man, who was sexually molested by an older woman when he was small.

While sharing the experience of the man, who preferred to stay anonymous, Doe wrote, “Female pedophiles on the loose and damaging young innocent boys.”

Taking to the comment section to share his experience, Onyenna Izubaba disclosed that, that experience has also affected his relationship with the opposite sex as he no longer likes small girls but he prefers older, fat, and chubby women or even big old single moms.

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Below is his full narration

When I was a child. I think 8yrs then my senior sister’s friend and she’s also a family friend too. She came to our house. In the night she later entered a room and called me to come in. As I went in, she removed my “nikka” and lay me on top of her. I don’t know what I was doing but her “tin” gave me a wound then.

She was about 26 to 27 years then. The hair there was very strong and I didn’t even know where to put my “tin”. I think I was doing it on top of her body because her strong hair gave me serious injury that to pee was a problem for me. I told my mom but the aunty denied it.

Later later one Granny that I used to go their house to see my friend told me to visit her because she sells palm wine and pepper soup meat. Immediately she told me to come to her house in the night. I just went straight and told my mom. This woman denied inviting me and beat me 😭😭

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But I think because of these experiences that’s why as I grew up now I don’t like small girls again. I prefer older women and fat chubby BBW. Please help me because I hardly love young fresh girls. I don’t know what is wrong with me now. All my life now of dating nah big old single moms.

In other news, Kanyi Daily reported that a Nigerian lady by the name, of Amaka, has called out her uncle who is in the habit of sexually assaulting and molesting female children of less than sixteen years of age.

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