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Nigerian Lady Calls Out Uncle In Habit Of Sexually Molesting Teenagers



A Nigerian lady by the name, of Amaka, has called out her uncle who is in the habit of sexually assaulting and molesting female children of less than sixteen years of age.

Nigerian lady

In a lengthy Twitter post narrating her own experience and those of her female relatives in the hands of the uncle named Charles Irobikansi Okafor, the Nigerian lady shared the pictures, phone numbers, and screenshots of the uncle’s Facebook account.

She pleaded with Nigerians, particularly, Twitter users to help her beg her uncle, whom she claimed is an ex-staff of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) to stop sexually assaulting and molesting children.

The Nigerian lady alleged that her family knows about it and is covering for him to “protect the family’s reputation”.

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According to her, everyone in the family is afraid of him as no one wants to confront him.

Nigerian Lady Calls Out Uncle In Habit Of Sexually Molesting Teenagers

Below is her full narration

Please help me beg my uncle (my mother’s eldest brother) to stop sexually assaulting and molesting children (less than 16) His numbers are 0708 553 9093, and 0803 447 9637. The family is covering for him and he keeps doing atrocious things.

He has been on this for years non-stop, especially with his nieces. I was 12yrs when he started pressurizing me to have sex with him, on several occasions he came to visit he’ll put me on his lap and start fondling my breast. I didn’t know how to tell my parents as I was too young

Anytime he came, I’d put on jeans just to protect myself. My older female cousins confessed to me how he sexually abused them as children about 5 of them, two of which he “fingered” when they were ages “9” and the other one was “8” and the rest he tried to molest in their sleep.

I remember him telling me the words “keep your virginity for me, I’m preparing you for your future husband” I was 12.

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Some of my cousins he had rape attempts on when they were still children, some are even scared to say if he succeeded or not given the stigmatization attached.

Of recent, because I exposed him to the family he has now graduated to taking advantage of vulnerable female children in the village. My mom 3 weeks ago, brought one of my female cousins(16) from the village to live with us, she told my younger sister what he tried to do to her in the village.

I called her to hear from her and she told me everything about how he tried to take advantage of her and sleep with her and also entice her with money. She’s just 16!!!!

There are a lot of my other female cousins who were victims of these man’s sexual predatory but they have been intimidated and bullied by the family to be silent in other to “protect the family’s reputation”. Basically, everyone is afraid of him, no one wants to confront him

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When I got admission into UNILAG, I was 16, I went into his office (he’s an ex unilag staff by the way) for him to write me a reference letter, and he started telling me to take off my jeans that he wants to use his finger to check if I’m still a virgin.

Slutshamed me because I refused and said that because I have started having sex, that’s why I didn’t want him to check. A lot of my other female cousins share similar experiences when they were way younger. He’s confidently doing these things because his siblings are covering for him which is giving him more confidence to still traumatize more children. Please help me beg him to stop and leave children out of his sexual fantasies. It’s beyond wicked and evil.  Please 🙏 !!!

In other news, Kanyi Daily reported that Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie on Friday, called on Nigerians to confirm the authenticity of election-related information before sharing it online.

Yul Edochie made the call in a tweet on his official Twitter handle.

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