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Reactions As Yahaya Bello Endorses His Tribesman, Ahead Of His Deputy For Kogi Guber



Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State’s endorsement of his tribesman, Ahmed Ododo who is also the Auditor General of the state as his preferred governorship candidate in today’s guber primary is generating reactions on Twitter.

Yahaya Bello

Bello, who is rounding up two terms of 8 years in January 2024, endorsed his fellow tribesman to succeed him.

The governor had on Thursday, announced Ododo as his preferred candidate during a stakeholders’ meeting held at the All Progressives Congress (APC) secretariat in Lokoja, the state capital.

As a result of his endorsement for Ododo, the current state deputy governor, Chief Edward Onoja, whom many had thought would be endorsed and succeed Bello, announced his withdrawal from the primary.

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Onoja was not the only aspirant who withdrew from the primary. Current Chief of Staff to the governor, Mohammed Asuku, David Jimoh, Ashiru Idris, Okala Yakubu, and Momoh Jubril have also withdrawn from the race.

Edward onoja

Many believe the governor prevailed on Onoja and the others to pull out of the race, although there has not been a clear reason.

Onoja posted a tweet on his handle on Thursday night, to announce his withdrawal, “To God be the glory for life and divine health. My appreciation to my leader, HE Alhaji Yahaya Bello, and all my supporters for your love and prayers. Let love, patience, and perseverance lead. I am forever grateful.”

The 2023 Kogi State governorship election will take place on November 11 2023 as earlier announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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In endorsing his tribesman, Governor Bello ignored the clamour for equitable distribution of political power among the Western, Central, and Eastern Senatorial districts in the state.

Bello is from Kogi Central, Kogi East has had 16 years of leadership through the late Prince Abubakar Audu, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, and Captain Idris Wada respectively.

Taking to their individual Twitter handles, some Nigerians have been expressing negative views against the action of Yahaya Bello for “betraying” Onoja.

Below are their reactions:

So Yahaya Bello endorsed a fellow Ebira ahead of the Igalas. So this man used and dumped Edward Onoja after doing all the dirty jobs for him. What a life.”

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My brother sadness is an understatement to what happened to me but one Ebira guy told me that igala has never relinquished power to other ethnic before maybe that’s why Yahaya is vindictive I really don’t know but I stand to be corrected.”

Yahaya Bello ran Edward Onoja street. Gave the ticket to an Ebira man. Sycophancy no dey pay sometimes”

Make igala Unite and present a single marketable candidate that’s All”

Edward Onoja went through thick and thin for Yahaya Bello. The first Igala man to support a friend from Ebira land to be Governor. Hated and vilified by his people for this. And this is how Yahaya Bello repays him? Why couldn’t he tell him earlier, if he was indeed a friend? Why lead him on till the tail end? Indeed, the popular saying in Kogi of Ebira people being wicked and heartless is true. Why not tell Edward Onoja earlier on Yahaya Bello if you didn’t want to give him the ticket? Why lead him on to the tail end only to cripple him politically.”

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Very wicked people. Once u as a guy is approaching me and u ended up saying “I’m from kogi “ I expect to hear u say “I’m Igala” once u say “ibira” if my mood no change make I know Weytin cos am. That shit turns me off. Very wicked set of people.”

The audacity of Yahaya Bello to pick a man from the same zone to replace him, well I guess protecting his looting is more important than Equity, Justice, and fairness. I wish Sen. Dino all the best in the upcoming PDP primaries.”

Igala people will show Yahaya Bello that we are the majority.”

That’s if you believe the election is not going to be conducted by INEC. The audacity of Yahaya Bello to overlook the majority Igala is because they know how to ‘win’ election and tell you to go to court”

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Yahaya Bello plans to install a successor from the same senatorial district as him? Kogi Central for 16 years? Easy loss incoming”

“I am really sad for my Igala people. The death of Prince Abubakar Audu was a serious blow to us. No political figure to rally around. Take me to the days of Steven Achema.😭😭”

So you don’t want Ebira to hand over to Ebira? Yahaya Bello just wants to hand over to his tribesman, the same thing you promoted at the federal level.
I will always condemn injustice. I am hoping Bello reconsiders.”

Naah. Never. I can never trust an Ebira man in my life, for what Yahaya Bello did to Edward Onoja. Never 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️. This guy literally gave everything to you. This how you repay him? Why not tell him from the onset so he can try other adventuresome. Why cripple him at the last hour?”

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Yahaya Bello wants to ensure that power stays in Ebira land. All the PDP has to do it give an Igala man its ticket and it’s all over for the APC.”

So Yahaya Bello gave the ticket to another Ebira man they said, eiya Onoja”

Yahaya Bello is a tyrant, a very useless man.”

In other news, Kanyi Daily reported that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has called on Non-profit Organisations, NPOs, in the Northeast to join hands with it in fighting the financing of terrorism and money laundering in the region.  

The call was made by the Special Control Unit against Money Laundering, SCUML of the commission.

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