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AAPED to Bridge Global Knowledge Gap and Strengthen Democracy in Nigeria



The Agency for Advancement in Public Leadership, Economics, and Democratic Engagement, AAPED, has been established to bridge the global knowledge gap and strengthen democracy in Nigeria.

The Agency for Advancement in Public Leadership, Economics and Democratic Engagement - AAPED

Led by Ayo Sogbuyi, an American-Nigerian, seasoned media practitioner and CEO of AAPED, the agency is registered in Nigeria to facilitate trips to America, the United Kingdom, and other prestigious universities globally for advanced certificate training in public leadership, policy formulation, and other related courses.
AAPED is a coeducational agency with a mission to help Nigerian politicians enhance their profile, making them more sought after for public service positions. Speaking about the agency, Ayo Sogbuyi said, “Through these experiential trips, politicians will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with their global counterparts and gain a thorough understanding of international best practices in governance and public administration.”
At AAPED, the aim is to enable the political class to strengthen diplomatic relations with their global counterparts. The agency has a team of some of the brightest minds in Nigeria, along with international partner institutions such as the University of California, Los Angeles, University of London, and the University of Hull, to assist the Nigerian government in fulfilling its vision for the people.
Ayo Sogbuyi further urged governments at all levels to partner with AAPED to enhance their administration’s performance.

“Attending this advanced training will benefit their team and cabinet members, as they will be exposed to relevant global conversations, contemporary challenges of democracy, and trends in political leadership and innovations. AAPED is a partner in progress that aims to make Nigeria a model democracy in Africa and the rest of the world.”

AAPED to Bridge Global Knowledge Gap and Strengthen Democracy in Nigeria 3

 AAPED is committed to strengthening democracy in Nigeria by bridging the global knowledge gap and promoting democratic engagement. The agency encourages governments and politicians at all levels, particularly the executive and legislative arms, to take advantage of AAPED’s offerings to enhance their performance and promote the common good.

The agency facilitates research, data analysis, and expert advice on governance, public policy, and democracy-building. It also offers resources for governments and politicians to increase transparency and accountability, build capacity for policy-making, and strengthen public participation in the democratic process.
Seunmanuel Faleye
Director of Communications, AAPED.

In other news, A Nigerian poet, Ndukwe Onuoha has been elected as a councilor in his ward in the United Kingdom.

Onuoha, who contested on the platform of the Labour Party to represent the Mackworth and New Zealand ward in Derby City Council, polled 1,168 votes to become councillor.

The Nigerian poet based in the UK, who was nominated by his party in November 2022, was the only candidate of African descent to have emerged winner.

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