Family holds funeral for dead dog

Family holds funeral for dead dog 1

A 28-year old mother of four and her family, saddened by the death of the family’s pet dog are doing what may be considered unusual in Ghana – organizing a funeral for it.

Beatrice Amangure says her family is having sleepless nights over the demise of her pet, named Rocky; which she suspects was killed by neighbours at Nhyiaeso in Kumasi.

Beatrice bought Rocky for GHS800 about a year and a half ago. She has since spent huge sums of money on its upkeep; including food and medical treatment.
The hairy, brown Rocky was received with warmth by the family of six, who even counted it as the seventh member.

The Alsatian dog heard and obeyed instructions from its owners, and even played football at their residence.

It was allegedly clubbed to death by two men, Mobila and Edmund ostensibly for meat.

The suspects had told the Ridge Police in Kumasi that the dog was knocked down by a vehicle belonging to the Volta River Authority, however a post-mortem on the dog confirmed it was clubbed to death.

According to Madam Amangure, she and her family are devastated by the death of Rocky.

“All of us are saddened by Rocky’s unfortunate demise. My husband will cry all night, I will cry all day for its death. I can never forget Rocky”, she explained.
She revealed that Rocky has always been the family’s source of happiness with its ability to undertake several tasks.

“I consider it one of my children. It is so wise that it hears and obeys instructions. When it attempts to follow me out and I say Rocky go home, it will go home. Rocky will stretch forth its hand and welcome me home on my return from work every day. For me it is like a human being. I share the same bed with Rocky”, narrated Madam Amangure.

Spotting a red scarf over black dress as she mourns the pet dog, Madam Amangure wants the alleged killers prosecuted.

She and her family intends to observe the week ceremony to mark Rocky’s death.

“You wear black and red when mourning your dead child and that is exactly what I am doing now, I am mourning Rocky. Tuesday will be one week observation. I will serve drinks to all those who will attend. I am inviting all to mourn with me.. I loved Rocky”.

Meanwhile, the police have granted bail to the two suspects. They face charges of theft and cruelty to an animal.

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