Latest Sport In Victoria IslandTop Shots Go After One Another’s Wives!

There is a new sport fast becoming popular in the Victoria Island cum Lekki, Lagos social circuit.
And it is bedding one another’s wives!
But there are certain stories that, if not for anything but reasons of protecting the innocent -the unsuspecting husbands or faithful wives or adoring children as the case may be- the specific details are held at first instance to serve as a warning of sort to the players, to desist from their game of decadent, and the gullible ‘other party’ to be on alert.
Sources revealed that the partakers in this game are supposed role model with ‘comfort’ as their second name.
‘the identities of those involved totally shocking, of course there are one or two unknown quantity that play a part or two but those are just minions that facilitate arrangements’ noted a source.
Analysis made indicates that this development is nothing but an ego trip.
According to investigations there is a well veiled but fierce competition among the men of wealth in that part of the world on who is better than who.
This rivalry resulted in wars in business, acquisitions of properties- automobiles and houses, travels and leisure, parade of girl friends and mistresses- even staging of events.
On every of these contests choosing the ‘champion’ was said to be debatable.
Then a part of the contestants delved into machoism struggle, the game revolved around drugs and related intoxicants. This development turned embracing the Game Of Death as excessive involvement spiralled into death by overdose in multiple cases here and there. The fear of death limited the participants but the urge to be the ‘ultimate man’ kept the game going.
Then an incident happened and a group of seemingly respectable celebrities plotted to teach one of their own a lesson. The victim’s wife was enticed with material things and eventually gave in to the amorous demands of one of the plotters. They successfully had a taste of ‘their opponents most cherished possession of inestimable value’- thus welcoming their world to the newest game in town!
According to sources the popularity of the game is being enhanced by two major factors- death by overdose (if any) is limited and chances of the victim making a stink of the issue on discovery is very low, because of the attendant ridicule based on societal orientation in this part of the world.
The original idea of the plot was to do the deed, share the lurid details with fellow conspirators while the victim remains ignorant of the act.
Investigations revealed that in the eyes of the warped minds they had successfully reduced the esteem of the victim among peers.
However as the saying goes, words get around and presently the game is speedily attaining an alarming dimension.
Victims now hear and plot revenge against perpetrators and collaborators.
The orgy cum gang activity is stealthily creeping in.
Marriages are now threatened here and there and innocent children, family members at the other end of eroding family values.
This is a note of caution to a decaying society, to arrest the anomaly in it’s value system

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